Conflict Transformation Collective is a nonprofit advocacy support group grounded in the philosophy of sentience for all beings.The collective is a group of academics, scholars, students, and activists dedicated to ensuring protection and advancement of human rights, animal rights, and social justice throughout the world. The members of the collective support the vision and mission through ongoing grassroots efforts to change policies that contribute to oppression and/or death of humans or animals. Education, Non-violent Civil Resistance and Disobedience is the path to ensuring human rights, animal rights, and social justice. Resolving conflict and finding peace through the Transcend Method as utilized by the United Nations Disaster Management Training Programme. Presently seeking grant funding for a longitudinal qualitative study on the transition to peace in Colombia, and the transformation and evolution of fringe groups, FARC, ELN, and Paramilitary organizations members to society and potentially the political systems and processes. 2018 brings with it a project to assist in providing resources for education to the children of San Javier-Medellin ​Colombia Comuna 13, and Minca, near Santa Marta.

Is that civilized people will be educated on the many issues concerning human and animal rights violations in the world. Some of these are a direct or indirect result of U.S. intervention, policy, law; often occurring due to military training, aid, trade agreements, or other policy compromises, which do not consider the consequences.We have a vision that another generation will not be forced to live or die from conflict, levels of extreme poverty or oppression. The people of the United States can transform policy, and influence policy in many nations; however this will require action from many.

To limit or stop the various forms of oppression and conflict in the world with a special focus toward Latin America, Tibet and Nepal. To protect wildlife and domestic animals, in an effort millions do not die each year. Our goal is ensure that the people of the U.S. have the resources necessary to understand the role they can undertake in overcoming the oppression, human & animal rights violations and conflict.It is our mission to play a supporting role to various organizations worldwide, which support human rights, animal rights, and social justice. While the vast majority are non-profit, some are not because of the necessity of extensive lobbying, and restrictions imposed through U.S. tax codes.

Founded in 2006 by Scott M. Woods, Ph.D. Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Transcend Trainer, NLP Practitioner, university faculty in conflict resolution and researcher in peace and post conflict.